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Security officers are tasked with securing the premises and personnel by staying on patrol, monitoring surveillance equipment, performing building inspections, guarding entry points, and verifying visitors.

Theft of construction equipment and machinery costs the construction industry over £800 million a year. That’s more than petty theft. There’s a thriving, well-equipped black market for constructions goods which is kept in stock by gangs who can strip a construction site bare by morning. The costs are both immediate – from having to replace stolen equipment – and long term – from missed deadlines.

Luckily, such theft can be deterred or prevented if you hire a bespoke construction site security service from Max and Maxie Services Ltd. We have more than one decade of experience providing security for construction sites, and a wide selection of SIA licensed, trained and insured security guards. If you want peace of mind while you build, Max and Maxie services Ltd is the trusted choice.

All our guards carry verified SIA licenses and have passed CRB checks, right to work checks, English language tests and personality profiles.

• All our guards Max and Maxie Services Ltd employees – are either self-employed or employed by us.
• All our guards are supported by a 24/7 control room that checks on their status and can be alerted to any incidents or emergencies.
• All our security guards are treated as human beings, with a range of benefits and a healthy work-life balance – no one is overworked or mistreated.
• Patrol premises to ensure they are secure; may need to navigate ladders, ramps, and stairs, as well as run on occasion.
• Use both hands to reach and grasp objects or items, or to use the phone to communicate with home base or to file reports.
• Work in weather environments that may sometimes be extremely hot or extremely cold, snowy, or icy.
• Keep mental alertness and attention to detail high, no matter the circumstances.
• Maintain a neat and professional appearance and provide excellent customer service as needed.
• Follow established security protocols while using initiative and good judgement.
• Excellent interpersonal skills along with excellent oral and written communication.
• Active SIA licence.
• Ability to remain flexible and adapt well.
• Remain calm in stressful situations.
• The ability to work proactively and use intuition.
• A thorough and keen attention to detail
• Excellent concentration skills
• The ability to remain alert and aware of surroundings.
• An ability to remain patient and calm under pressure.
• Understanding of the technology used within the company.
• Excellent customer service skills
• Ability to work well with others.
• Patrolling and securing the area.
• Monitoring and analysing CCTV camera footage.
• Guarding valuables in a secure area.
• Protecting the company’s assets relative to theft, assault, fire, and other safety issues
• Responding to alarms and emergencies.
• Communicating any irregularities with management.
• Keeping an incident report record.
• Following procedures for various initiatives including fire prevention, traffic control and accident investigations
• Checking visitors in and out of the area.
• Escorting visitors around the premises.
• Ensuring compliance with government regulations

We provide superior standards of security services in these areas::

Our Security Services Include:

Premium Security Services



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